Welcome to Tawd Vale FT and ARC


The Club is situated in woodland which forms part of the Scout Association camping grounds just outside Newburgh. The facilities we enjoy are superb by any standards and are ideal for our sport.

We ask all members and guests to help continue the excellent relationship we have with the Tawd Vale management, with friendly behaviour to all Tawd Vale Scout staff and by maintaining the clubs excellent safety record.

Whilst it is not compulsory, members can take part in the regional league competitions organised by the North West Field Target Association where you will be shooting against people of a similar standard to yourself.

We have also a good HFT competition series which runs winter and summer along with a fantastic Air Pistol League and also a 'B2' Class where we take SMK B2's (less than £40 brand new) and just have a laugh with them. We have events and facilities to take anyone with an interest in safe airgun shooting.

Don’t be shy – come along to these competitions and have a go. They are friendly and sociable events and are enormously enjoyable.

There is a thriving junior section, and there are some very good shots amongst them. Please take time out now and again to instruct or simply partner a junior member on the course. They really enjoy shooting against the adults and learn quickly by doing so, you never know, you might learn something too.

Read the info available on this site especially the club rules and more especially the safety rules.

Remember at all times, the club exists so that we can all enjoy our sport in a warm, friendly and very safe atmosphere.

Thank you,

Your Committee.